Monday, 10 November 2014

Book Review - The story of Ferdinand

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 10/11/2014

TITLE : The Story of Ferdinand
AUTHOR : Munro Leaf
ILLUSTRATOR : Robert Lawson

          As the book says : This is the story of Ferdinand - a little bull who would rather sit and smell the flowers than fight in the bullring! This pretty much sumps up our story of Ferdinand.

          Ferdinand is a bull unlike his cousins. All his cousins played with each other, butted their heads, jumped etc. But Ferdinand didn't enjoy it. He would instead sit quietly and enjoy the nature besides him. His favorite spot was under a cork tree! Can you imagine a bull doing that? He liked to smell flowers. His mother becomes worried for he may become lonely. But she never coaxed him to do things differently because she was an understanding mother. Gradually, Ferdinand grows to become a very strong bull. So one day, some men come to select a bull for bullfighting. And because of some circumstances, they chance upon Ferdinand and select him. Now will he live up to his name and fight or just sit quietly remains to be seen or rather read!

          This book has a very sweet story and made me realize that sometimes we just need to do that! Stop everything and sit quietly. We are so engulfed in our routine that we have forgotten to admire nature and smell flowers which has given us so much.

          This story also tells us a lot about Spain and Bullfighting as a sport. Bullfighting is a very old sport practiced in Spain from ancient times. The author has smartly woven all the new vocabulary of bullfighting in the story itself thus, making the kids understand better rather than mentioning it in the glossary. Kids will learn many new words such as Matador, Picadores etc. In fact, the tail-end of the story is actually a description of how the game takes place!

Munro Leaf was an American author of children's literature who wrote and illustrated nearly 40 books and is best remembered for this book.

          Do read this book and let me know whether you liked the book or not. And while you are reading this story, don't forget to show some YouTube videos on bullfighting. Kids will be surely amazed!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Book Review - The Berenstain Bears and too much TV!


TITLE : The Berenstain Bears and too much TV
AUTHOR : Stan & Jan Berenstain
PUBLISHER : Random House

          Diwali vacations have ended and it's now back to our regular routines! Sometimes, most mommies feel that school days are better than vacations since most of the time, vacations are not spent fruitfully. There is too much laziness, too much carefree environment and too much TV!

          Which brings us to our this week's Book Pick of the week - The Berenstain Bears and too much Tv. The Berenstain Bears is a very popular series of multiple titles where The Bear family shares with us their everyday experiences. Their books have a lot of humour and are just perfect for toddlers and kids in imparting good values and morals.

          In this title, Mama Bear is fed up because her two kids and her husband watch too much TV the whole day. She finds out why is this happening when there are better ways to spend time rather than just sit in front of it the whole day. She is totally convinced that she needs to find some solution to this problem. Finally she comes up with a good plan of ' No TV for a week'.

          All the three are shocked to learn but our Mama Bear is very firm on her decision. They argue on how to spend the entire day when Mama Bear cleverly comes up with so many ideas for an entire week that both the kids almost forget to watch TV. But, not Papa. He has to be watched over if he sneaks in for a little peek at the TV. Finally, the week is over. And their Mama says that now you can watch The TV. But, just imagine to her surprise, the only one watching TV is Papa!

          After reading this book, I was convinced that TV sucks up too much time of our lives. And there are better ways to spend time rather than watch TV. In one such incident where Papa Bear says how will I come to know the latest news, Mama Bear calmly orders him to read newspaper!

          Do read the book and tell us whether you liked it or not and how will you spend a 'No TV' week! Waiting for your replies.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Book Review - Amma, tell me about Diwali!

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 13/10/2014

NAME OF THE BOOK - Amma, tell me about Diwali!
AUTHOR - Bhakti Mathur
ILLUSTRATOR - Maulshree Somani
PUBLISHER - Anjana Publishing

          Just a week left to Diwali and we are already enjoying the pre-Diwali festive spirit. All shops are crowded, roads are chock-a-block with carts selling rangolis, diyas, lanterns etc. Diwali is one festival where there is no distinction between rich and poor, caste, religion etc. All of them celebrate in individual capacity but celebrate nonetheless.

          For our book pick of the week, then, we had to choose a book related obviously to Diwali. So, here is a book that describes how Diwali is celebrated and why. Amma, tell me about Diwali was part of the monthly quota of books we receive in our LRN kit (Mythology theme).

  Image Courtesy:

          This is the second book we are reviewing it in this series. You can read the review of Amma, tell me about Ganesha here. The book starts off with Diwali celebrations in Klaka's house. They light Diyas, burn fire-crackers, eat sweets, etc. Then when going to bed, Klaka asks why do we celebrate Diwali and their mother explains to them the story of Homecoming of Lord Rama in Ayodhya - of how Lord Rama was ordered fourteen years in exile, how Ravana captures Sita, How Lord Rama wages a war against Ravana with the help of Hanumana and how they return to their homeland.

          The book does not end here. Amma also tells another story od Goddess Lakshmi of how she blesses her true devotees.

          Written beautifully in poetic verses, and amazingly illustrated, this book is a delight to even flip the colourful pages! Some sample lines are as follows -

Brilliant firecrackers lighting up the night,
Diyas twinkling like stars - what a sight!
This is Diwali, in all its glory
As told to little Klaka, by his Amma - a magical story.
First the celebration of Prince Rama and his homecoming,
His victory over Ravana, the evil demon King.
Next a story of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth
who rewards her true devotees with fortune and good health.

          The author has written in such a simple language for even a 4 year old to understand Ramayana. It would have become very daunting to explain it. Thank you Bhakti Mathur for making the parents' job easier.

At the end, a glossary of Sanskrit terms is explained in English.        

Bhakti Mathur lives in Hong Kong with her husband, her two sons, and their beloved Golden Labrador. She is a banker by profession.

Maulshree Somani lives with her husband and son in Mumbai, India. She worked at Walt Disney and subsequently set up her own graphic design company.

          Members, the book is available on first come first serve basis at our library. Others can buy it on AmazonFlipkart or even at their online website. Wishing you a very happy, safe and prosperous  Diwali. Do read the book and tell us what you think of it.

Come join a set of fabulous bloggers sharing their Diwali moments , easy Crafts, DIY ideas, Recipes and book recommendations with you .

Starting from today till Diwali and beyond, each one of us will be writing a post related to Diwali.
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So sit back, relax and check out all the fabulous Diwali Dhamaka posts in the linky.

Monday, 6 October 2014

September Star Rabbit Award!

September Star Rabbit Award!

We at Reading Rabbits Library, every month have a special award for our Rabbits. It is called as Star Rabbit Award. This award is given to the member who reads the maximum number of books in a particular month.

And we are very proud to announce that Vivaan Salunke (3 years) has been read to a total of 9 books in September'2014. A special Thumbs Up to his mother and other family members for instilling the love of reading in him!

CONGRATULATIONS Vivaan! And keep it up!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Book Review - Cave Baby

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 22/09/2014

AUTHOR - Julia Donaldson
ILLUSTRATOR - Emily Gravett
PUBLISHER - Macmillan Children's Books
AGE GROUP - 3 to 6

          In my last post I featured Roald Dahl for his birthday. So, this week, I will be featuring Julia Donaldson since she celebrated her birthday on 16th Sept. Julia Donaldson is the most loved author of children. She has written so many books of which The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom are well-known and liked by every kid. Today I have selected Cave Baby which is written by her and illustrated by Emily Gravett.

          Julia Donaldson is the recipient of Children's Laureate (2011-2013), a prestigious award conferred by the government of U.K. Emily Gravett is a two-time winner of the prestigious Kate Greenway Medal for her work in Wolves and Little Mouse's Big Book Of Fears.

          This time, my dear friend who blogs at The BubbleInk has reviewed this book HERE. So, folks, hop on to read her wonderful review. Don't forget to come back at the library and issue it!

Till next week,
Happy Reading!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Book Review - The Enormous Crocodile


NAME OF THE BOOK - the enormous crocodile
AUTHOR - Roald Dahl
ILLUSTRATOR - Quentin Blake
PUBLISHER - Puffin Books
AGE GROUP - Read-aloud : 6+, Read-alone : 8+

          13th September being Roald Dahl's birthday, I had to pick up his book for the coveted BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK. You do not need any introduction to Roald Dahl. The most-loved children's author, why do I say that?, (Because our new members always pick him up before trying anything new!), he has carved a place in everybody's heart.

          The enormous crocodile is a short novella about a humongous crocodile who decides one day to eat juicy children. She has reserved some tricks up her sleeve to entice the children to come near her. All the animals of the jungle are aware of how wicked she can be since she has already tried eating one child before but in vain. This time, each of the jungle animals tries to convince her to not go after the children but she doesn't listen. In turn, they call her 'horrendous, nasty, bitter, greedy, grumptious brute etc. But, she just ignores all of them, injuring a bird with long feathers and reaches at the town.

          What happens next is a full roller-coaster of humour. The crocodile disguises itself in various situations but all the other jungle animals come to save the innocent children from the ravenous beast.

          Quentin Blake truly made me stop reading at each page and admire his illustrations. He has illustrated the crocodile beautifully. Many things like a dragon, a coconut tree, a see-saw look real and do not look like a crocodile at all!

          A little longer than a picture book but truly, one reading at least recommended for the kids. Either read aloud to them in various tones or let them read quietly. You will surely see a smile on their faces after they finish it!

Till next week,
Happy Reading!

Image Courtesy : Google

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Book Review - My grandfather


NAME OF THE BOOK - My grandfather
AUTHOR - Taruja Parande
PUBLISHER - Tulika Publishers

          Last Sunday, being Grandparents' Day, I could not come up with a more befitting book than this. A picture book, written by Taruja Parande, explores her unforgettable adventures and observations of her grandfather. 'It is a moving tribute to a grandfather from a loving granddaughter', so says the back cover.

          The author has written what her grandfather's interests were - dance, butterflies, pigeons, toast recipe etc. Stunning photographs by Palash make the book visually appealing. Filled with small anecdotes about his bedtime rituals or his scribblings, we are very much drawn into his life and how must life be in those ages!

          As Taruja puts it in her own words - 'My grandfather was not the president, not a scientist, not a hero, nor a saint. He was just very special because he was MINE'. Isn't that true for all of us?

          A perfect book which brought tears to my eyes reminiscing about my maternal grandfather after reading it! A must-read for us parents rather than children! Why I say this because the depth will be understood by us better than children! However, you can encourage them to make such a booklet about their grandparents! You may never know how they perceive your parents through their innocent eyes!

Taruja Parande is a graphic designer with a passion for illustration. She lives and works in Bangalore.
This book was a result of a project which she worked on at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Powai.

Till next week,
Happy Reading!


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Book Review - The Best Days Of My Life


NAME OF THE BOOK - The best days of my life....childhood stories of famous people
AUTHOR - Scharada Dubey
PUBLISHER - Scholastic

         We all know that September 5 is celebrated as Teacher's day in India on account of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday. My childhood was blessed with amazing teachers who shared their knowledge selflessly sowing in me the seeds for teaching. Seeing my teachers, I knew very early what I would like to choose as a profession. And today I am very happy to say that teaching is indeed a very noble profession and also which creates other professions!

          Teachers have a very important role in formative years of a student. Liking and favouring one subject is directly proportional to liking a teacher and being a teacher's pet! This is my experience and I'm sure you will agree with me.

          So, this week, I thought why not to inspire and influence our young readers with teachings and childhood lessons learnt by very famous people who walked this Earth? And therefore, I chose this book as this week's book pick.


          As the title suggests, this book contains a brief history about famous people and their childhood anecdotes explained in a simple language. The author has a done a great job of combining personalities from various fields of science, sports, education, literature, music, politics etc. Many stalwarts are included like - Gautama Buddha, Kabir, Mahatma Gandhi, J.R.D. Tata, Kapil Dev, Satyajit Ray etc. Not just Indian but foreign personalities also find a mention here - Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong, Brian Lara etc.

          This is a very inspiring book and a must-read for children. I would also recommend it to parents. Read. Get inspired. Make a difference.

          Scharada Dubey is an award-winning author of books for children and adults. She won the First Prize in the Commonwealth Essay Competition in 1973 and second place in Outlook-Picador Non-Fiction Competition in 2000. She has also won several prizes for her children's books. Her earlier books include Icons of Social Change and The Hanuman Heart. She lives and works in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Till then,
Happy Reading!

August Star Rabbit Award!


          Like last month, this month also we have chosen our Star Rabbit based on the maximum number of books read in August.

          And we are happy to announce that Miss Siya Mundle, 8 years, has reatained this title by reading a total of 7 books like last time.

          CONGRATULATIONS Siya and hope you achieve a hat-trick next month!

Till then,
Happy Reading!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Book Review - Amma, tell me about Ganesha!

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 25/08/2014

NAME OF THE BOOK - Amma, tell me about Ganesha!
AUTHOR - Bhakti Mathur
ILLUSTRATOR - Maulshree Somani
PUBLISHER - Anjana Publishing

          This Friday, being Ganesh Chaturthi, preparations are on a full swing since we bring Gapanati Bappa at our home. Home being swept clean, doors and windows being mopped, curtains and carpets being washed, preparing the Prashaad, this festival brings a new aura to every household! We at the Library, too decided to review a book based on the story of how Lord Ganesha got its elephant head.
          Lord Ganesha is the favourite God among kids and they fondly call him Bappa! and why not! When he has such a cute face, who will not like that? Lord Ganesha is given a very important status in Hindu households as every new beginning starts with a prayer to him. Even while doing a Pooja, Lord Ganesha is remembered first!

          This book written by Bhakti Mathur, starts with a  Sanskrit Shlok - 'Vakratunda Mahakaya' and its meaning in English and then straightaway depicts a  street scene of Lord Ganesha being immersed in water. After the festivities end, the mother (Amma), while putting her children to bed, ask her how did Lord Ganesha get its elephant head. She then narrates the story. I'm sure everyone knows that story so, I'm not going to narrate it here.

          The book is described wonderfully in verses and its illustrations do full justice to the story being told. The language used is very simple and can be easily understood by small kids and best suited for reading aloud. Sample this -

Ganesha's birthday is celebrated
With fun and lots of fanfare.
His idols are placed on the rolling grass
With ardent prayer and gentle care
Ganesha, loved by all,
Is the son of Shiva and Parvati!
This is the story of his birth and how
His elephant head came to be. 

 At the end, a glossary of Sanskrit terms is explained in English.        

Bhakti Mathur lives in Hong Kong with her husband, her two sons, and their beloved Golden Labrador. She is a banker by profession.

Maulshree Somani lives with her husband and son in Mumbai, India. She worked at Walt Disney and subsequently set up her own graphic design company.

          So, now while we wait to welcome Lord Ganesha to our home, don't forget to narrate this story to your children!

गणपती बाप्पा मोरया। 
पुढच्या वर्षी लवकर या। 
Till then,
Happy Reading!

Friday, 22 August 2014


           On account of our 68th Independence Day last Friday, we had organized a 'Colouring Competition' for our very own rabbits. Children in the age group of two to six were allowed to take part in this competition. Of course, the theme was 'Independence Day'. Here are some of the entries we received :


           The winning entry is below -

          CONGRATULATIONS! to Miss. Dia Singhvi, age 6 years for bagging the First Prize in this competition. Well done!

Till then,
Happy Reading!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Book Review - The mountain that loved a bird


Name of the book - The mountain that loved a bird
Author - Alice McLerran
Illustrator - Stephen Aitken
Publisher - Tulika Publishers
Age group - 6+

'There was once a mountain made of bare stone .... ' So begins the story of The mountain that loved a bird. The mountain is bare, stands cold and alone until a small bird visits it and changes its life.

The mountain is standing cold and suddenly, a bird flies by it. The mountain has never seen such a wonderful thing and requests it to stay there. The bird says that its name is Joy and it cannot stay because it needs food and water to drink. But, it promises to come again in next spring. And since, no mountain has never cared for the bird, this bird says that it will name her daughter Joy and she will come to visit every spring when the former bird will no longer be there. Thus, it so happens that every spring, Joy comes to visit the mountain albeit for a few hours. After a few years, her daughter who she named Joy comes. The visits continue as Joy's daughter, also named Joy continues the tradition. After 99 years, the mountain starts crying uncontrollably. The bird goes away. It comes again the  next year and the year after. Still, the mountain is crying.

What happens next, and how the mountain changes from a bare one to full of life is the rest of the story. Beautiful illustrations do justice to the story being narrated.

What I liked in the book?
  • A small bird had the power to change a mountain. Thus, in our life also, small changes can lead to success and improvement.
  • Despair can ruin our life. Instead, we should aim to bring back happiness in our life.
  • Nothing is constant. Neither sorrow, nor happiness. So, let's live each day as it comes.
Here, I recollect some lines written by Randy Pausch in his book, The Last Lecture.  - "No matter how bad things are, you can always make thing worse. At the same time, it is often within your attitude to make them better."

Alice McLerran has been writing since 1984. Her best-known books include Roxaboxen, The Ghost Dance, The Year of the Ranch, and Dreamsong. She lives in U.S.

Stephen Aitken, a Canadian illustrator and writer, is also a biologist and Managing Editor of Biodiversity Journal. He lives in Kulu, Himachal Pradesh. The illustrations for this book reflect the luminous colors of the Himalayan skies over India.

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed reading it.
Till next week,
Happy Reading!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Book Review - We, the Children of India!

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 11/08/2014

NAME OF THE BOOK - We, the children of India! The Preamble to our Constitution
AUTHOR - Leila Seth
ILLUSTRATOR - Bindia Thapar
PUBLISHER - Puffin Books

On this 15th August, we complete 67 years of Independence. Though so many years have passed since we became free, still, we are not free in the true sense of the word. Our citizens do not have access to basic clothing, food and shelter which are deemed necessities of life. Our Constitution clearly states equal rights to men and women, still women are degraded and receive inferior treatment. So, how can we improve this situation?

By educating our future citizens about their rights and duties. The author has explained beautifully the Preamble to our Constitution which is the most important document of our country. The Preamble, i.e. the introduction to our Constitution, the first sentence consists of the rights bestowed upon the citizens and how do we run our country. Tough concepts like Justice, Liberty are clearly explained in a child-friendly manner along with numerous illustrations.

The book starts with a short introduction of our History - British Rule, Fight for Freedom etc., going further about how the Constitution was drafted, original black and white photographs of Pandit Nehru signing the Draft, etc. Then, it goes onto explain the concepts of the Preamble, the makers of the Constitution with their photographs and their short profile. Thrown in between are small snippets of information like who makes our laws?, who runs the Government?

She concludes the book by telling us what we need to do right now and how can we bring in change.

Leila Seth was the first woman judge of the Delhi High Court and the first woman to be the Chief Justice of a state in India. She retired as Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh in 1992. She was a member of the 15th Law Commission of India and responsible for the report on Free and Compulsory Education of Children. She has a Diploma in Montessori Education.

Bindia Thapar is an architect by training and an illustrator by choice. She is best known for her wide variety of illustrations for children. Sadly, there will not be any more books from her. She passed away this year on 18th April.

A must-read for every child!
Till next week,
Happy Reading!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Book Review - The Susu Pals!

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 04/08/2014

NAME OF THE BOOK - The Susu Pals!
AUTHOR - Richa Jha
ILLUSTRATOR - Alicia Souza
AGE GROUP - 6 - 9 years

          Yesterday, the whole world was celebrating Friendship, so we couldn't be left behind. Friendships are one of the most important part of our lives. Friendship goes beyond religion, caste, grades, gender and most of all, friendship is like therapy to our over-worked souls. Just a small message from a long-lost friend can make us refreshed and make us smile!

          And hence, we chose a book on friendship called The Susu pals. It will at least make you smile and you will reminisce your childhood if ever you had been a susu pal! This book is reviewed here by a fellow mommy blogger Divya who shares her joys of reading to her 7 year old son Abhay and you can check her other posts too.

          If you are curious as to what this book is about, watch this -

Intrigued?    Come and borrow this book!
Till then,
Happy Reading!

Star Rabbit Award!

          Hello all Rabbits!
          Reading Rabbits Library is already one month old. And to celebrate this, we at Reading Rabbits came up with a novel idea of conferring an award to our members.
          Basically, this award will be conferred monthly to one of our Rabbits. It's called a STAR RABBIT AWARD. It will be awarded to the one who reads maximum number of books in a particular month.


Siya Kirat Mundle, aged 8, studying in 3rd grade is awarded for July'14. She has read a total of 7 books in July 2014.  Double Whammy for Siya! Since she also celebrated her birthday on the last day of July!

CONGRATULATIONS Siya and hope you have a very enjoyable reading journey!

Till then,
Happy Reading!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Book Review - Bear Feels Sick!

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 21/07/2014

          Finally, we are relieved of the dry spell! But, with monsoons making a grand appearance, a host of maladies come quietly and create havoc in our just-settled academic routines. Then comes the usual round of visiting doctors, gulping bitter medicines, eating chicken soup, bunking school and so on and so forth. Parents worry about the extra burden of school work to be completed while children get bored just lying in the bed and watching TV! What to do?

          That leaves us with wonderful books! And hence, this week I have picked up a wonderful book where a bear is feeling sick and how his friends help him to get better.

          The book is reviewed here by a fellow mommy blogger Leela Padmaja (thus minimizing my work!) and you can follow her blog here.

          Hope you remain in the pink of your health.
          Till then, Happy Reading!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Book Review - Rain, Rain!

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 14/07/2014

NAME OF THE BOOK - Rain, Rain!
AUTHOR - Sanjiv Jaiswal ' Sanjay'
ILLUSTRATOR - Ajit Narayan
AGE GROUP - 1-6 years
GENRE - Monsoons, Seasons

          This week, I have picked up a book relating to monsoon! You must be wondering I'm mad to review a book about rains when, at present, we are experiencing a drought - like situation in our state! But folks, let's read this book and maybe, just maybe, the effect of cumulative thinking and wishing may actually please our Rain God and he may literally shower his blessings on us!

          The book I'm talking about  is 'Rain, Rain!' By Sanjiv Jaiswal 'Sanjay' and illustrated by Ajit Narayan. It is published by Pratham Books, a non-profit organization.

          A small book narrating the importance of monsoon in our everyday life and its after-effects is described beautifully. Perfect even for our tiny bunnies and rabbits, this book can be used as a great read-aloud or for even reading alone.

          Once, a cloud is wandering by. Each character in the story whether a peacock or a farmer is requesting the cloud to rain, albeit for different purposes. Soon, the cloud starts raining and makes everybody happy.

          This is the beauty of rains. Everyone wants it but for a different reason altogether. Just a drizzle here and there, everything looks new and fresh!

          Making others happy without expecting anything in return gives us satisfaction and contentment.

  • Colourful and bright illustrations.
  • Extremely simple text for budding readers.
  • A very small book of just 12 pages which can keep even babies engrossed. This is the star feature of Pratham Books.
  • Simple language used to narrate why do we require rains.
          Sanjiv Jaiswal is a senior official in the Ministry of Railways. His books have won many awards at the national level.
          Ajit Narayan is a cartoonist consultant for Scholastic India and is the author of 'Cartooning with Ajit Narayan'.

Till next week, Soak in the showers sipping hot cuppa of tea and Happy Reading!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Book Review - Wilbie Footie mad!


NAME OF THE BOOK - Wilbie Footie Mad!
AGE GROUP - 3 to 8 years
GENRE - Team spirit, Football, Sportmanship.

With the ongoing FIFA 2014, Reading Rabbits couldn't be left behind in exploring a book about football. Though essentially a boy's game, this book can bridge the gender gap and inculcate interest in the game.


          Wilbie, a duckling adores football so much so that he has read every book, watched every match, heard everything related to football. Except, practice! The passion of football has rubbed on him due to his father's keen interest in the game.

          One day, team trials are held in the park. Wilbie is confident that he will secure a place in the team since he is so knowledgeable about the game. But alas, he cannot even manage with the ball. He feels very disheartened. The coach sees his enthusiasm and keeps him as an extra to do odd jobs.

          His dad kindly encourages him to practice everyday. They bond very well at the practice sessions. And, at the team practice sessions, he works hard like fetching drinks and snacks to his team members with sincerity and dedication. Being so helpful, one day the team members decide to give him a chance to play at one of the sessions.

          What happens next is the rest of the story. Upon receiving a golden chance, does he prove himself? Can he secure a place in the team? What lesson does he learn? Or he just remains an extra?


          Merely being knowledgeable is not enough. You should be wise enough to use that knowledge to accomplish success and be victorious.


  • Abundant soccer vocabulary with plenty of illustrations to inculcate interest in the game even for toddlers. Sally has done a good job with illustrating.
  • The bonding of father-son duo over practice is depicted very nicely. A subtle message for all of us - Spending quality time is more important.
  • Every day is not your day - An another lesson. Children will learn the spirit of sportsmanship.
  • The book shows how not to be bogged down by failures. Rather, take it in your stride and work towards it.
  • Often, over-confidence brings you down. Being merely knowledgeable but not making use of it is also disastrous.
 Till next week, happy Reading!

Inauguration Ceremony!

          The Inauguration ceremony of Reading Rabbits Library was a grand success. Our chief Guest, Madam Asawari Shenolikar, Editor, Twinkle Star of The Hitavada did the honours of inaugurating the library on 01/07/2014.

          Reading Rabbits is a home-based library catering to children from 1 to 12 year olds. We have a huge range of highly acclaimed international, regional, bi-lingual books as well as non-fiction, ACK comics, lift-the-flaps, touch-and-feel, pop-ups etc. Currently, over 800 books are stocked which will keep on rising in the months to come by.

          Every month, we will be celebrating a theme or two depending on the current time, weather, festivals etc. A list of books based on the theme will be mailed to our members in our monthly newsletter.

          Also, every Monday a book will be chosen as 'Book Pick Of The Week' wherein it will be reviewed on this blog. We will have guest bloggers to review the books.

          Till then, Happy Reading.