Monday, 4 August 2014

Star Rabbit Award!

          Hello all Rabbits!
          Reading Rabbits Library is already one month old. And to celebrate this, we at Reading Rabbits came up with a novel idea of conferring an award to our members.
          Basically, this award will be conferred monthly to one of our Rabbits. It's called a STAR RABBIT AWARD. It will be awarded to the one who reads maximum number of books in a particular month.


Siya Kirat Mundle, aged 8, studying in 3rd grade is awarded for July'14. She has read a total of 7 books in July 2014.  Double Whammy for Siya! Since she also celebrated her birthday on the last day of July!

CONGRATULATIONS Siya and hope you have a very enjoyable reading journey!

Till then,
Happy Reading!

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