Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Book Review - The Enormous Crocodile


NAME OF THE BOOK - the enormous crocodile
AUTHOR - Roald Dahl
ILLUSTRATOR - Quentin Blake
PUBLISHER - Puffin Books
AGE GROUP - Read-aloud : 6+, Read-alone : 8+

          13th September being Roald Dahl's birthday, I had to pick up his book for the coveted BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK. You do not need any introduction to Roald Dahl. The most-loved children's author, why do I say that?, (Because our new members always pick him up before trying anything new!), he has carved a place in everybody's heart.

          The enormous crocodile is a short novella about a humongous crocodile who decides one day to eat juicy children. She has reserved some tricks up her sleeve to entice the children to come near her. All the animals of the jungle are aware of how wicked she can be since she has already tried eating one child before but in vain. This time, each of the jungle animals tries to convince her to not go after the children but she doesn't listen. In turn, they call her 'horrendous, nasty, bitter, greedy, grumptious brute etc. But, she just ignores all of them, injuring a bird with long feathers and reaches at the town.

          What happens next is a full roller-coaster of humour. The crocodile disguises itself in various situations but all the other jungle animals come to save the innocent children from the ravenous beast.

          Quentin Blake truly made me stop reading at each page and admire his illustrations. He has illustrated the crocodile beautifully. Many things like a dragon, a coconut tree, a see-saw look real and do not look like a crocodile at all!

          A little longer than a picture book but truly, one reading at least recommended for the kids. Either read aloud to them in various tones or let them read quietly. You will surely see a smile on their faces after they finish it!

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Happy Reading!

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