Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Book Review - My grandfather


NAME OF THE BOOK - My grandfather
AUTHOR - Taruja Parande
PUBLISHER - Tulika Publishers

          Last Sunday, being Grandparents' Day, I could not come up with a more befitting book than this. A picture book, written by Taruja Parande, explores her unforgettable adventures and observations of her grandfather. 'It is a moving tribute to a grandfather from a loving granddaughter', so says the back cover.

          The author has written what her grandfather's interests were - dance, butterflies, pigeons, toast recipe etc. Stunning photographs by Palash make the book visually appealing. Filled with small anecdotes about his bedtime rituals or his scribblings, we are very much drawn into his life and how must life be in those ages!

          As Taruja puts it in her own words - 'My grandfather was not the president, not a scientist, not a hero, nor a saint. He was just very special because he was MINE'. Isn't that true for all of us?

          A perfect book which brought tears to my eyes reminiscing about my maternal grandfather after reading it! A must-read for us parents rather than children! Why I say this because the depth will be understood by us better than children! However, you can encourage them to make such a booklet about their grandparents! You may never know how they perceive your parents through their innocent eyes!

Taruja Parande is a graphic designer with a passion for illustration. She lives and works in Bangalore.
This book was a result of a project which she worked on at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Powai.

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