Monday, 14 July 2014

Book Review - Rain, Rain!

BOOK PICK OF THE WEEK - 14/07/2014

NAME OF THE BOOK - Rain, Rain!
AUTHOR - Sanjiv Jaiswal ' Sanjay'
ILLUSTRATOR - Ajit Narayan
AGE GROUP - 1-6 years
GENRE - Monsoons, Seasons

          This week, I have picked up a book relating to monsoon! You must be wondering I'm mad to review a book about rains when, at present, we are experiencing a drought - like situation in our state! But folks, let's read this book and maybe, just maybe, the effect of cumulative thinking and wishing may actually please our Rain God and he may literally shower his blessings on us!

          The book I'm talking about  is 'Rain, Rain!' By Sanjiv Jaiswal 'Sanjay' and illustrated by Ajit Narayan. It is published by Pratham Books, a non-profit organization.

          A small book narrating the importance of monsoon in our everyday life and its after-effects is described beautifully. Perfect even for our tiny bunnies and rabbits, this book can be used as a great read-aloud or for even reading alone.

          Once, a cloud is wandering by. Each character in the story whether a peacock or a farmer is requesting the cloud to rain, albeit for different purposes. Soon, the cloud starts raining and makes everybody happy.

          This is the beauty of rains. Everyone wants it but for a different reason altogether. Just a drizzle here and there, everything looks new and fresh!

          Making others happy without expecting anything in return gives us satisfaction and contentment.

  • Colourful and bright illustrations.
  • Extremely simple text for budding readers.
  • A very small book of just 12 pages which can keep even babies engrossed. This is the star feature of Pratham Books.
  • Simple language used to narrate why do we require rains.
          Sanjiv Jaiswal is a senior official in the Ministry of Railways. His books have won many awards at the national level.
          Ajit Narayan is a cartoonist consultant for Scholastic India and is the author of 'Cartooning with Ajit Narayan'.

Till next week, Soak in the showers sipping hot cuppa of tea and Happy Reading!

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