Monday, 7 July 2014

Inauguration Ceremony!

          The Inauguration ceremony of Reading Rabbits Library was a grand success. Our chief Guest, Madam Asawari Shenolikar, Editor, Twinkle Star of The Hitavada did the honours of inaugurating the library on 01/07/2014.

          Reading Rabbits is a home-based library catering to children from 1 to 12 year olds. We have a huge range of highly acclaimed international, regional, bi-lingual books as well as non-fiction, ACK comics, lift-the-flaps, touch-and-feel, pop-ups etc. Currently, over 800 books are stocked which will keep on rising in the months to come by.

          Every month, we will be celebrating a theme or two depending on the current time, weather, festivals etc. A list of books based on the theme will be mailed to our members in our monthly newsletter.

          Also, every Monday a book will be chosen as 'Book Pick Of The Week' wherein it will be reviewed on this blog. We will have guest bloggers to review the books.

          Till then, Happy Reading.

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