Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Book Review - The Berenstain Bears and too much TV!


TITLE : The Berenstain Bears and too much TV
AUTHOR : Stan & Jan Berenstain
PUBLISHER : Random House

          Diwali vacations have ended and it's now back to our regular routines! Sometimes, most mommies feel that school days are better than vacations since most of the time, vacations are not spent fruitfully. There is too much laziness, too much carefree environment and too much TV!

          Which brings us to our this week's Book Pick of the week - The Berenstain Bears and too much Tv. The Berenstain Bears is a very popular series of multiple titles where The Bear family shares with us their everyday experiences. Their books have a lot of humour and are just perfect for toddlers and kids in imparting good values and morals.

          In this title, Mama Bear is fed up because her two kids and her husband watch too much TV the whole day. She finds out why is this happening when there are better ways to spend time rather than just sit in front of it the whole day. She is totally convinced that she needs to find some solution to this problem. Finally she comes up with a good plan of ' No TV for a week'.

          All the three are shocked to learn but our Mama Bear is very firm on her decision. They argue on how to spend the entire day when Mama Bear cleverly comes up with so many ideas for an entire week that both the kids almost forget to watch TV. But, not Papa. He has to be watched over if he sneaks in for a little peek at the TV. Finally, the week is over. And their Mama says that now you can watch The TV. But, just imagine to her surprise, the only one watching TV is Papa!

          After reading this book, I was convinced that TV sucks up too much time of our lives. And there are better ways to spend time rather than watch TV. In one such incident where Papa Bear says how will I come to know the latest news, Mama Bear calmly orders him to read newspaper!

          Do read the book and tell us whether you liked it or not and how will you spend a 'No TV' week! Waiting for your replies.